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Metering pump manufacturers to teach you expertise

2022-09-02 10:52:32

The liquid alkali metering pump is a mechanical device that can measure and verify the liquid being transported, also called a variable pump and a proportional pump. At the same time, a metering pump or a type of pump that can meet a variety of harsh processing requirements, the total flow can be infinitely adjusted in the range of 0-1 00%, and is used to transport liquids (especially corrosive liquids). Unique volumetric pump. The metering pump belongs to the reciprocating positive displacement pump, and it is usually stipulated that its reliability precision should not exceed ±1% if it is used for metering verification.

The delivery metering pump is composed of three parts: the rotating shaft seat member, the water pump impeller member, and the motor. The structure mainly includes the push end and the hydraulic transmission end.

According to the different hydraulic transmission end, it can be divided into: plunger pump type, mechanical equipment diaphragm type, hydraulic machine diaphragm type metering pump.

1. Plunger pump metering pump

The key is generally valved pump and valveless pump.

Plunger pump metering pumps have the advantages of simple construction and high heat resistance. Suitable for all kinds of high voltage, low voltage (applicable working pressure 0-60Mpa), strong corrosion places. The precision of the measurement verification of the double-head metering pump is less than 0.5%.

2. Diaphragm metering pump

Mechanical equipment diaphragm pump: there is a motor, which is driven by the motor. It relies on the rotation of the motor to push the plunger pump of the metering pump to do reciprocating uniform linear motion, and then push the mechanical equipment diaphragm to complete repeated Movement to complete the suction or discharge of liquid. Mechanical equipment diaphragm metering pumps are used in the petrochemical equipment industry. It has the obvious advantages of no leakage of hydraulic diaphragm pump, high strength corrosion resistance, and low price. Suitable for places with low voltage and small and medium-sized total flow.

Electromagnetic driven diaphragm metering pump: With the help of the magnet coil of the pump body and the posture steel block to complete the repeated movement of the diaphragm, the liquid is sucked in and discharged. Accurate metrological verification, high pressure resistance, high strength corrosion resistance and no leakage are its significant advantages.

Metering pump manufacturers teach you professional knowledge

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Address: Rm B102, Building 3, No. 515 Kangzhuang South Road, Ningbo, China

Tel: 17706881139


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