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How do metering pump manufacturers properly clean metering pumps?

2022-08-11 09:55:04

One of the most important challenges that everyone cannot ignore every day is cleaning and maintaining the metering pump on time. The following Huaian metering pump manufacturers will describe the appropriate method of cleaning the metering pump for you!

(1) First wash with clean water for about 10 minutes, then wash for about 5 minutes, and then ensure that the water in the pipe has been drained before starting the disassembly position to reduce the risk.

(2) Turn off the switching power supply of the metering pump product , and remove all gate valves (in the disassembly process, you must still pay attention to the residual chemicals and water, So as not to cause damage or damage to the switching power supply and other related machinery and equipment).

(3) Flush the valve and parts with clean water.

(4) Check whether the parts are defective, deformed, cracked and other conditions, if so, please repair.

(5) Reinstall all gate valves as they are.

(6) Soak in clean water for 5 minutes to test (if there is crystal, please use crystal paint thinner for about 10 minutes, then use water for about 5 minutes). In the maintenance and disassembly of the horizontal metering pump, we must pay attention to a certain sequence, especially the hydraulic cylinder parts and transmission.

II. Disassembly and assembly of hydraulic cylinder components

(1) First remove the pipes and parts connecting the throttle valve;

(2) Remove the water pump impeller, loosen the diaphragm (it is best to contact the manufacturer at this time), and then remove the hydraulic cylinder head from the transmission;

(3) Remove all parts of the tappet assembly in the following order:

①Remove the spring seat brat; successively remove the spring seat, torsion spring, tappet; if you want to replace the compound bearing extruder, please remove it and use the same The model specifications are replaced.

②Remove the intake and exhaust valve (flange); successively remove the valve sleeve, positioning piece, high pressure gate valve and valve ball.

3. Disassembly and assembly of the transmission

(1) Release the grease in the oil tank

(2) Remove the motor and motor base, pull out the coupling, bearing pressure plate, etc., and then pull out the rack assembly.

(3) Remove the controller assembly, then remove the adjustment handwheel and adjustment hydraulic jack from the assembly.

(4) Remove the covers on both ends of the spindle bearing, and you can remove the gear, rack and spindle bearing from the box.

The above are the steps of disassembly and cleaning. It is enough to mess up the disassembly sequence during installation. At this time, it should be noted that after the components are assembled, the assembly gap should be checked to check whether there is a jamming condition after the assembly is completed.

Four. FAQ

①When assembling the rolling sleeve specification controller base, the adjusting hydraulic jack must be rotated to the fixed point, and the adjusting handwheel must be rotated to the 20 scale. Adjust the handwheel so that the lever fits the round shaft to the slide rail

②Adjust the filling material and properly tighten the nut, turn the coupling to test, it should rotate freely without getting stuck.

How does the metering pump manufacturer clean the metering pump correctly?

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Address: Rm B102, Building 3, No. 515 Kangzhuang South Road, Ningbo, China

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