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What causes the vibration of the precision metering pump?

2022-08-30 11:01:26

Mechanical diaphragm pump metering pump can be divided into pneumatic diaphragm pump and electric diaphragm pump. The vibration of diaphragm pump import and export trade is mainly caused by poor tear resistance. The solution was to retrofit plastic hoses at the inlet and outlet of the diaphragm pump to reduce vibration.

Diaphragm pump vibration:

1. The diaphragm pump vibrates strongly

It may be due to falling off or damaged parts; it may also be that the pipe is not well supported. Metering pump manufacturers suggest that it can also be handled by replacing parts or lifting pipe supports.

2. There is water seepage or air leakage in the pipeline

It may be that the nut is not tightened during installation. If the leak is slight, you can also wipe the concrete at the leak or steam leak. If there is water seepage at the interface, tighten the nut by hand. More serious leaks must be eliminated and reinstalled.

3. Milton Rowe mechanical metering pump manufacturers are producing diaphragm pumps, the process quality is not very good, and there are many consumable parts.

4. Check whether there is any problem with the ventilation frequency during vibration. If the working frequency of ventilation is relatively slow, it may be that the working pressure of the inlet and outlet of the pneumatic diaphragm pump is too high.

5. If the ventilation frequency is too fast, the working pressure of the air inlet source can be appropriately reduced.

6. Check whether there is a muffler under the diaphragm pump. The silencer is not directly related to the air-operated diaphragm pump, and has no effect on the air-operated diaphragm pump. It can only be used to reduce the sound of the gas manifold valve during natural ventilation. The noise is still small and the vibration is still small.

Diaphragm pump vibration solution:

1. Assemble the spring isolator

①Selection of diaphragm pump spring isolator styles

Generally, a column-type spring shock absorber is used, which has the advantages of low cost and compact structure. The spring can be exposed, which is convenient to check the spring condition anytime and anywhere. The spring to be replaced must be set in advance to avoid damage caused by excessive corrosion of the spring.

②Selection of springs

The aperture of the spring should not be less than 0.8 times the height under the rated load, the spring must have a certain additional stroke arrangement, the horizontal bending stiffness of the spring should be at least the vertical bending stiffness, and the A stable purification tower that ensures shock absorption.

What causes the precision metering pump to vibrate?

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