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Analyze the general situation of diaphragm metering pump manufacturers

2022-08-26 11:41:07

The development of metering pumps is not long, about 70 years. Everyone in China's foreign markets is shorter. As a quantitative analysis, measurement, verification and conveying mechanical equipment, the metering pump is mainly used to transport harmful substances, solutions and other substances. With the rapid development of contemporary control technology and instrument panel technology, metering pumps have been widely used in various fields. Today, the metering pump manufacturer will bring you a brief overview of the metering pump!

Today, the traditional metering pump hydraulic diaphragm pump has long been unable to meet people's higher requirements for high precision and stable performance. At this stage, most of the overseas machinery and equipment used in China's petrochemical industry and testing centers are relatively expensive. In China, the dosing metering pump generally determines the total discharge flow of the pump within the enterprise period according to the adjustment screw stroke arrangement of the handwheel. In the past, its total flow adjustment was done manually in the vast majority of cases. This method is laborious and the office environment is very dangerous.

At the same time, most high-pressure pump automatic control systems in China only complete a single steady-speed or voltage-stabilizing operation, and the overall characteristics of most high-pressure pumps in China cannot reach specific manufacturing and high-precision requirements for scientific research. Contemporary scientific research and experimental enterprises and petrochemical enterprises stipulate that the production process of machinery and equipment has the characteristics of high precision, stable performance and continuous operation. It is the general trend to develop and design high-precision metering pumps using contemporary control technology, sensing technology, multi-function instrument technology and single-chip technology.

Analyze the profile of diaphragm metering pump manufacturers

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Address: Rm B102, Building 3, No. 515 Kangzhuang South Road, Ningbo, China

Tel: 17706881139


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