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How to choose a precision metering pump?

2022-08-16 11:12:22

Total flow is one of the main performance data information of diaphragm metering pump. It is related to the production volume and transportation level of all devices. For example, it can be calculated in the process technology of the Planning Institute. There are three total flow rates of normal pump and size. When selecting a diaphragm metering pump, it is based on the large flow rate and has both normal total flow rate. When there is no large flow rate, 1.1 times the normal flow rate can be used as the large flow rate under normal circumstances. .

Metering pump manufacturer model selection and installation expertise are shown below:

The comprehensive pipeline layout standard of the equipment refers to the liquid delivery height, the liquid delivery distance and the liquid delivery direction, such as low liquid level on the suction side, high liquid level on the discharge side and other data and pipelines Specifications and lengths, raw materials, pipe specifications, models, total, etc., are easy to carry out the calculation of the head of the tie-comb and the proofreading of the NPSH.

There are many actual operation standards, such as the actual operation of the liquid T saturated water vapor force P, the suction pressure PS, the working pressure PZ of the discharge side vessel, the altitude, the actual working temperature The operation is intermittent or continuous, and the position of the gear metering pump is fixed or movable.

Liquid properties, including the name of the liquid substance, physical properties, physical properties and other properties, the physical properties are temperature c, relative density d, viscosity u, solid particles in the substance straight and Vapor content, etc., which involves comprehensive head, reasonable cavitation capacity calculation and suitable pump type.

Physical properties, mainly refers to the organic chemical corrosion and toxic side effects of the liquid medium, which are an important basis for the selection of pump materials and the type of pump sealing form.

The head required by the equipment system software is another key performance data information for selecting a pump. Generally, the head after the capacity is increased by 5%-10% is used for model selection.

After the appropriate model is selected, it must be installed. During installation, it should be noted that the metering pump of the dispenser cannot be installed in the following areas.

Do not install the diaphragm metering pump in a place where it is easy to touch moisture or corrosive gas in the body.

If it needs to be installed on the medicine barrel but not higher than 1.5M, it will affect the suction of the magnetic pump if it exceeds this value. Due to the need for equipment maintenance and inspection, Please place a larger space.

The pump should be installed on the concrete with a height of 300-500mm above the road surface, or on the corresponding solid motor shaft, and the pump should be calibrated in a level condition.

Do not install the cryopump and tank in direct sunlight at the same time. The ambient temperature of the cryopump installation is -20℃~+40℃, and the altitude is below 1000M above sea level.

How to choose a precision metering pump?

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Address: Rm B102, Building 3, No. 515 Kangzhuang South Road, Ningbo, China

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